Excursions in Maramures

Whether with a guide or on your own these tours of Maramures and Vadu Izei bring priceless memories.

Around Vadu Izei

A trip to Maramures would not be complete without a walk around Vadu Izei. Get off the main road and walk down its many small and winding ways. We offer a free walking tour of some of the local artists and there workshops. See the Artisan of Vadu Izei page in Tourism Information for more details.
Along the way don't forget to stop by the mill. Just because the ways of Maramures are old makes them no less ingenious. At this one mill corn is ground, tuica (triple distilled plum brandy) is made and, most surprising, clothes are wash in a stream powered washing machine.

Driving Tours from Vadu Izei

Spend some time discovering historic Maramures. The Tourist Information Office in Vadu Izei can arrange personalized car tours of the area. Whether one's interest lies in unique, carved gates, wooden churches, scenic views or the internationally known "Merry Cemetery" they can devise a tour to serve anyone's needs. Some of the most popular tours include:

Vadu Izei - Mara - Vadu Izei (60km)
A scenic tour of the Mara Valley. Drive along the Mara River and through traditional villages and wooden churches. Look for the pots hanging from trees, an ancient symbol of dowry wealth and a daughter ready for marriage.

Vadu Izei - Budesti - Sarbi - Calinesti - Barsana - Vadu Izei (80km)
A tour of some of the finest wooden churches in Maramures. One of the areas least touched by the modern world. This region is famous for the brimless hats worn by the men.The monastery in Barsana is fantastic.

Vadu Izei - Ieud - Botiza - Vadu Izei (80km)
Travel to Ieud, one of the oldest villages in Romania. There are still remains of a sixteenth century monastery as well as two prime examples of Maramures wooden church architecture. Botiza is famous for its beautiful woven rugs.

Vadu Izei - Moisei - Viseu - Sighet - Vadu Izei (150 km)
A scenic drive in the stunning Viseu Valley to Moisei, a village with a rich, and tragic history. Highlights include the monument to the slaughtered villagers in Moisei and riding the working steam train up the spectacular Vaser Valley in Viseu de Sus.

Vadu Izei - Sapanta - Vadu Izei (40 km)
Visit the "Merry Cemetery" in Sapanta. Master wood carvers continue the tradition of artistry and humor that has made Sapanta an international destination for decades.

Wooden Churches of Maramures:
Budesti, Calinesti, Sarbi, Sat Sugatag, Desesti, Harnicesti, Valea Stejarului, Barsana, Stramtura, Rozavlea, Glod, Sieu, Poienile Izei, Botiza, Bogdan Voda, Ieud, Moisei, Rona de Jos.

Archaeological Sites:
Sighetu Marmatiei: Traces of a citadel dating from the first century
Bogdan Voda: Traces of a church made of stone dating from the fourteenth century.
Giulesti: Traces of a church made of stone dating from the fifteenth century.
Sighetu Marmatiei: The Museum of Archaeology and Natural Science.

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