Welcome to Vadu Izei, Maramures

Vadu Izei is a small village in the heart of the most beautiful and picturesque part of Romania, Maramures.

Here you will find things have changed little in the past few hundred years. People still wear the traditional costumes woven by hand for centuries. The most common form of transportation is still the horse cart. And farming by hand is still the essential means for survival.

Maramures is a place of rare beauty unaffected by the frenzied rush of the modern world. It is the last place in Europe where traditional ways are still practiced as a part of everyday life.

Vadu Izei in cooperation with Belgian based OVR and our sister village Braine le Comte, Belgium hope to preserve the heritage of Maramures by sharing it with you. In the following pages you will find information on our customs and traditions, how we live, and how you can spend time with us. We hope you enjoy your visit and come to see us in person soon.