Guides and Activities

Through our office you can hire local guides familiar with the land, customs, traditions and folklore of historic Maramures. Guides can be hired who speak English, French and, of course, Romanian. Guides for other languages may also be available.

Whatever your interests are our guides can help you to make the most of your time here. We can arrange tours of villages, wooden churches, the "Merry Cemetery" in Sapanta, artisan's workshops, traditional music and dancing, horse drawn wagon rides and picnics, trekking and mushroom picking, fishing excursions, steam train rides up the Vaser Valley, classes on weaving, glass icon painting, wood sculpture and much more. If you don't see what you are interested in just ask us.

It is best to arrange for guides and activities in advance. This way we can be sure to have a guide available who can speak your language and we can prepare any specific activities you want.

Prices for guides and activities vary depending on activity. We are sure you will find all of our prices quite reasonable. Tell us what you are interested in and we will quote you a price.

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